Skyteam Round the World Fare

Amongst the three alliances, the Skyteam is my least favorite. The carrier selection currently stands at only 13 and while growing, there really is no comparison to Oneworld or Star. Another one of my peeves with Skyteam is the very strict 72 hour ticketing rule. As you will note if you check out the Fare Rules, it takes you at least 72 hours just to read through them!!

As a person partial to first class, there are only two airlines that you can fly: Air France and Korean. And while China Southern Airlines have first class service, current rules only allow for economy or business. All other Skyteam members, including the likes of: Alitalia, Delta, and KLM, are largely two class airlines with a few now offering premium economy cabins as well. That said, the Skyteam RTW fare does offer some unique travel opportunities and if you can get through the fare rules and still haven’t lost hope, you may just find an itinerary that works for you.

Good Luck! Apologies in advance. The attached fare rules are not formatted in the most user friendly way, but everything you need to know is in there—and then some! (fare rules are current as of April 30, 2013)

Skyteam RTW Fare Rules

Skyteam Official Website


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